Zip File Decompression

Zip files are compressed files that can contain either one file or many files of various sizes in them. The benefit here is that you can combine multiple files into one compressed file which is known as an “archive.” The only way you can open and extract the contents of an archived file is if you have zip software which has the ability to compress and decompress them. Some of the most popular zip software programs include WinRAR, WinZip and 7zip. But chances are you already have zip compression software if you are using Linux, OS X or Windows operating systems. The newer versions of these operating systems come with zip software, but you can also download third-party programs if you prefer to use a different program to open or compress them.

Here are the basic steps in obtaining and using zip software to extract contents from these files:

1) For starters, if you have purchased a new computer within the last ten years then it should have some kind of zip software on there. If for some reason your computer doesn’t have zip software built-in to its operating system then you can search Google for 7zip, WinRAR or WinZip, and then go to the website of the one you are interested in. 7zip and WinRAR are free programs, while WinZip comes with a free trial where you will eventually have to pay for it after a certain amount of time.

2) When you are ready to extract the contents onto your computer, it is very simple to accomplish this task. All you have to do is right-click on the file and then choose either “Extract Here” or “Extract All.” Extract Here places all of the contents into the same folder as the zip file. Extract All allows you to create a separate folder for the extracted contents to go into.

3) If you are using 7zip then you will have the ability to unzip multiple zip files in one shot. This is great for people who frequently download zip files or have a lot of zip files that they want to unzip at the same time. What you do is highlight all of the zip files with your mouse, right-click within the highlighted area, put the cursor on 7zip in the drop down menu, and then choose ‘Extract to “*/”‘ You will be able to extract all of the contents of all the zip files into their own separate folders that have the same names as the original zip files in which they came from.