ZIP Code Software – The Most Important Features of a ZIP Code Program

There is a wide variety of ZIP code software on the market today and it can be difficult to choose which one is the best for your needs. When picking out a ZIP code software program there are five must have features you should be looking for. This article will discuss those features.

At the top of the list and probably one of the most basic things that any ZIP code software program should do is allow its users to quickly and easily filter the zip code data and look up specific zip code information with ease. If the software interface is clunky, slow, or hard to use this will just add unneeded frustration to the user experience.

Another one of the most important features of ZIP code software programs is the file formats the data can be exported to. Not all programs will allow you to export the data and of those that do, you should examine the formats available to make sure they will be usable for what ever application you choose. At the very least the program should be able to export to a Microsoft Excel compatible format (*.xls), Comma Separated (*.csv), or Extensible Markup Language (*.xml) format. These three basic formats can be used just as they are or they can be converted into almost any other format you may need.

Does the ZIP code software you’ve had you eye on for a while also include the data? You better check and see because most vendors will have an additional charge to get the most up to date data. You should look for a program that includes the latest data in to price of the software. They do exist, but sometimes they can be difficult to locate.

Any good ZIP code software will also allow you to do more complex searching and filtering such as performing radius or proximity searches and distance calculations. Radius searches let the user enter a zip code and a distance radius such as ten miles for instance, and then return all the other zip codes (or other locations) within a ten mile circle around the zip code that was entered. Distance calculations will require the entry of 2 zip codes and then the ZIP code software calculates the distance “as the crow flies” between the 2 entered zip codes.

As you can see choosing a ZIP code software may not be as straight forward as it seems but if you will look for these features before you buy you can save a lot of headaches down the road.