Zip Cloud Is An Easy Choice To Protect Your Data With An Unlimited Cloud Storage Account

Daily stories of hard drive crashes, stolen computers and malware destroyed data have made cloud storage a very hot topic. Perhaps you have already convinced yourself to check out a few of the many cloud storage vendors like Zip Cloud.

There are so very many differences in the actual programs offered by these vendors and, actually, in the reliability of the services themselves. Unfortunately it does not take too much to put up a website, write some software and start charging money.

Some of the online backup softwares out there will even lead you to believe you have files backed up and protected when in fact they are not. This is not intentional, just design flaws or programming bugs.

It pays to check it out and even try to test a file restore before you need it.

While many cloud storage offerings are full of bells and whistles that are appreciated by the technologically savvy computer geek, sometimes these extra features serve only to confuse the rest of us who just want to back up our files to the cloud and be done with it.

Zip Cloud is targeted at just such a computer user who is not interested in bits and bytes but just wants to back up all of his or her data without having to worry about quotas or special settings in the software.

Oh, and, it would be nice if the cloud backup service was cheap, too.

That is right: true unlimited cloud storage at a price you can afford is available with Zip Cloud.

The creators of Zip Cloud wanted to make their product so easy to use that no one will ever fret over losing data again. In fact, they describe their service with just three words. Simple, Safe, Secure.

They provide a two week free trial so you can make sure that you agree with them that their service really is what they say. After that, it is all automatic.

Getting started is just a couple of clicks, literally. You sign up for a free trial account, download and install the software and then let it perform the initial backup.

The speed of that initial upload is fast because they have their servers and infrastructure tuned to making it as quick as possible for your convenience.

Data security is not a concern because your files are encrypted. With this online backup service you can relax.