The Reasons CASS Software Will Have Profound Uses For Your Business Mailing Lists

CASS certification is the process where the address zip plus 4 gets matched to the USPS master list. Even when there are errors in the address the CASS software can perform a correct match which is why this also helps to fix incorrect addresses. The purpose of this certification and why one would use it to get the most accurate addresses is for bulk mailers who choose to use a bar code and want a discount. If one of these mass mailers can accurately represent 9 digit zip codes on the bar code of their mailings than the USPS will accept your barcodes as accurate if you show that you have recently matched your address list against their master 9-digit zip code list. The USPS has to match this may not require a CASS report to prove the zip plus 4 check was done on this particular mailing, but the report must be saved in case they check on it.

From the USPS standpoint the reason they will give a discount on the bulk mailings is because the majority of the time they have to spend sorting the mailing is eliminated with the accurate bar codes. The less the handling time the more likely one will receive a discount on the mailing overall. One could estimate about a 3 cent discount per piece of mail if the batch has been run through the CASS certification software. The higher savings will result in mass mailing all going within the same zip code as opposed to scattered around the state or country.

In order to get the barcoded pricing, you must do everything you need to do for regular bulk mail prices and more.

First, you must have accurate 9-digit zip codes for as many of your addresses as possible. You don’t need to do this every time you prepare a bulk mailing, but you must do this the first time you mail using barcode, After that at least one time every six months thereafter for each of the addresses on your lists.

The addresses that cannot be matched with an accurate 9-digit zip code cannot be barcoded. If you are mailing flat correspondence than you can mix non barcoded and barcoded pieces in the same mailing, which is called a “co-sacked” mailing. For mailing letter-sized pieces, any pieces you cannot barcode must be mailed separately.

It may be worth it to invest in these types of solutions. For many businesses their clients are all in a general area and by mailing more than 150 pieces of mail you can qualify for additional discounts the more accurate and simple you can make your mailing. The CASS software really enables the post office to quickly handle your mailing and with the appropriate reporting you can safe your self a few pennies for letter. If you are mailing a hundred thousand or more at a time you can see the saving and benefits add up quickly. Plus you also get the benefits if higher delivery rates as the addresses are more accurate this way.