Installing 7-Zip and Firefox on Windows 7


7-zip is software that allows you to open and,.rar files, this type of file is a compressed file that can contain multiple files and folders, and is normally used to shrink a large file down to save space or to group up files for easier transfer/sending.

  1. Go to 7-zip’s website and select the “Download” link from the left hand side.
  2. Then select the correct download link, most will select the top one.
  3. Once selected you should get redirected to a “source forge” website this is normal, you should now get a pop up asking you to, Run, Save or Cancel. Click on Run
  4. Once the file has downloaded to your computer you should get another pop box asking you if you’re sure that you want to run this programme, click yes.
  5. Now the programme has started to install you will see a screen that shows you the option where you want the installed files to be places (Destination Folder). Leave this, unless you need/want to customise the install. Then click on “Install”
  6. The install will complete and you will see the screen has changed and now shows a “Finish” button, click it.
  7. Now to check that the software has been install correctly click on the windows start button on the left bottom side of the screen, you should see 7-zip under Programs click on it and then select “7-Zip File Manager” and if installed correctly then the software will launch.


Firefox is software that allows you to browse the internet, allowing you to serve the internet with easy and fast. There are other browsers out there but this one is along with Internet Explorer by Microsoft are the most common used.

  1. Go to Firefox website and then select “Firefox, Free Download” from the green box on the left.
  2. Then the next page will show up and there is install instructions on that page, but also now a box pops up asking you to, Run, Save, Cancel. Click Run.
  3. Once the file has downloaded the next pop up will ask you if you’re sure you want to run the file. Click Yes.
  4. The next screen should pop up and this is just information saying that you’re about to install, click the “Next” button.
  5. We will select the “Standard” installation and click “Next”, which will select the common options, like where to install the files to.
  6. The next screen will show you where the files are going to be installed to and gives you the option to set it as the default web browser. Deselect if you want another web browser to be default. Then click “Install”.
  7. Once the programme has been installed a screen pops up telling you the install is complete and gives you the option to launch Firefox now, Deselect if you don’t want it to launch now. Then click “Finish”.
  8. To make sure that Firefox has installed correctly click on the Windows star button on the bottom left hand side. And look inside All Programs for “Mozilla Firefox” click on it and if the install was successful the software will start up.

Uninstalling programs that you have installed can be done via the Control Panel. To access the control panel click on the windows start button and select “Control Panel” once the control panel has popped up click on “Uninstall a program” the next screen that appears will give you a list of all the programs install. Double click on the program you want to uninstall and follow the onscreen instructions.