How to Zip Files Guide

How to zip files guide is very relevant subject to learn specially for workforce who are inclined to working administration jobs. Sometimes we are wondering why the end recipient didn’t receive the email with the attached file. After checking in our outlook or any other form used for sending electronic correspondence, we realized that our email with the attachment didn’t go through. It is still in the sent items with a pending status.

This is where ‘How to zip files guide’ is required. Before going into details, let us understand first what is zip files and why it is commonly used.

Zip files are files comprised of either single file or multiple files which can be of different file format such as excel, word or graphics. It is compressed using a zip program which sometimes referred as ‘archive’.

The zip file is commonly used because it reduces the file size for approximately ten percent of its original size for word processor and database files while other files types, it reduces an average of fifty percent. Apart from that, various files will be compressed in one file hence it is easy to send by email. It makes storage and downloading of data faster. It also saves time.

Also, you can identify a zipped file because its file name extension is ‘zip’ with an icon of a folder.

To start off with the ‘How to zip files guide’, create a main folder that contains all your files or multiple folders of various files. Write the file name of the main folder. Highlight it and right click. Check the drop down menu, choose send to and click compressed (zipped) folder.

Notice that there is a new folder surfaced in the same file destination of the main folder and it automatically copies the file name of the main folder. The zipped main folder has now an extension file name of ‘zip’. Hence, let us say your file name of the main folder is XXX, your zipped folder will come automatically as and located in the same file destination of XXX.

To open the zipped file, simple double click it and choose extract all files.

As for MAC users, zipping multiple files can be done in two ways. Create a folder for all the files or highlight the group of files you wanted to zip. Then control and click on the files or folder you would like to compress. Then a pop-up menu comes out, choose the create archive option and the zip file will surface in the file destination you are currently working on.

Opening the zip file for MAC computers is simple. Just double click the file.

Indeed how to zip files is not a complicated process to learn. With its great benefits, computer users must learn on how to use this zip program. So don’t crash your company server by sending bulk size emails. A simple method of how to zip files will make your working approach an efficient and faster.