How to Zip a Folder?

When you have a large number of files, each with considerable text and image content, you cannot handle them efficiently and they are likely to get corrupted. They cannot be copied to other storage mediums quickly and email software can prevent them from being sent because their size is too large. In such situation, it becomes necessary to compress the file so that it is more manageable.

File compression helps to save disk space. For example, when you have a set of large PDF files or word files, zipping them reduces the space they take up. They are easy-to-handle and you can send them through email without having any problem because of file size. Many a time, you might have to copy a large set of files to another storage location. If they remain large-sized, it becomes difficult to perform the copying successfully and quickly.

File compression can be done through compression or zipping software. There are many types of file zipping software such as WinRAR, TurboZIP Express, 7-Zip, BitZIPPer, QuickZip, ALZIP, WinAce, IZArc, and Stuffit. You can use file zip software to not just compress a single file, but several files and put them into a single zip folder.

Alternatively, you can also zip an entire folder, which has all the files you want to compress. Here is a look at the steps involved in zipping a folder that contains a large number of files.

• Open WinZip application. If the license window appears, agree to its terms to proceed further.
• Click ‘New’ button to create a new archive (.ZIP).
• Enter the destination of the folder file in the ‘Filename’ box. Specify the name of the folder and click ‘OK’
• Click the ‘Add’ button and create a compressed form of the specified folder.

A shorter way to zip a folder is to right click on the folder and specify ‘Add to WinZip’ to begin the compression process. You have to follow the same procedure as mentioned above to create a compressed version of the folder.

File zipping is a task that should take you just a couple of minute’s time. WinZip is the most common software used for file compression. If you are interested in using any other application for zipping folders, select one that is easy-to-use, which offers a friendly user-interface and which can provides various options. It should be able to extract file, archive them and also provide encryption features through which a folder is password protected.